Friday, July 22, 2011

Creative women

I love creative women, and creative people in general. A few days ago, I discovered Sandy's work thanks to Emma's interview on her lovely blog, My little nutmegs. Sandy works with a group of women (collectif nënë) who are all very creative and I really love what they do and their spirit.

Check out these lovely and fun baby clothes (I LOVE the animal designs) made by Sandy from Moon! and Sparrow:

 or the amazing dolls made by Raplapla:

She even creates personalized dolls, and I would love to have her make one for me!!

Plus these women are from Montreal and I LOVE LOVE Quebec, going to Montreal being on my list of 15 things I would like to do one day
And on top of it, Sandy and I we both love the moon, since this is the name I've been using for my creations for kids (I am preparing a special blog on that... I know, I have quite a lot of blogs, ah ah)

What I love the most about these women, is that they are not just mothers, they don't spend their time staying at home watching TV while the kids are at school or kindergarden, but they actually take their lives in control and do what makes them happy. And it shows in their creations, much more than in anything you can buy in big stores. There is love behind their work, you can see it and that's why it is so special and cute! 

I totally identify with them because that's what I am doing now. Nothing looks better than the things that are made with love...

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French Cannes Cannes said...

parfait! new blog for marketing...then...Etsy?? hahaha let me know when the blog is up, I'd love to check it out. ps - love the cute animal outfits!