Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodbye Amy...

As I turned on my computer, here's what I read: Amy Winehouse is dead. At 27. This is a shock but no surprise, sadly.

She was a lot of things that I hate, but I will remember the first time I heard her singing, my man told me about her and I fell under her spell listening to her record Back to black. Her voice was amazing, the blues of her songs and the despair of her lyrics... At times I couldn't even listen to her music because it made me too depressed...

When I saw her on Youtube taking drugs on stage I found her pathetic. When I heard about her last concert in Belgrad, I thought it was sad. But I still felt sympathy for her, knowing that she would probably not have existed that much had she been "clean". This is a painful paradox: people wanted her to rehab, but they also wanted her destroyed.

She reminded me a little of Billie Holiday, whom I love so much. She had to suffer, she had to go through hell... And now she's gone.

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