Tuesday, May 10, 2011

15 things that I want to do... one day

Having a baby is like starting a new life, at least that's how I feel. It is like a window open to eternity right in front of you. My baby is 2 months and a half and I have lived these past weeks with such intensity, they feel like years, it's amazing. I love this feeling.

At the same time, and more than ever before, I can feel that life goes by. I am not 26 anymore, like I was when my first child was born. I can see 40 coming and it saddens me to think that I am approaching the middle term of my life, and that one day, I will be near the end. Will I be content with what I have done? Will I have regrets? Will I hold sorrows in my heart, and pains, and angers? I keep telling myself that life is today, do it now, go for it now, don't wait till it's too late and all you can do is look back and regret. ENJOY IT! Yet, I am the kind of person who thinks way too much and often waits for the last minute to do things and who cannot stick to one dream, which means that I changed directions in my life quite a lot of times already and it seems that I can never reach a point where I can say I am where I want and I am totally satisfied with what I do. Maybe it's because I don't really know where I am going and haven't decided clearly what are my goals in life. 

Today, I've watched this "momversation" with the following subject: Are you where you thought you'd be in life ? and one of the women was saying that a good way to achieve things in life is to make a list of the 100 things you would want to do before you die. I think this is a great idea. If I list down the things I want to do, one day, then at least I can say later "I did it, that was one of the things I wanted to do and I did it".

I invite you guys to do the same, give yourself goals in life, achieve a few of the things you are after and feel happy about it.

I am starting slow with a list of 15 things I would like to do. I will also write about the things I wanted to do and did, I think that's a good motivation also.

So here it is (I am writing it down without thinking too much for once and not in order of preference):

1. Go to Montreal. I just love the Quebecker accent! I would love to go there and enjoy hearing myself slowly getting the accent when I speak.
2. Learn how to drive. I would like to know how it feels to live like a normal person with a car and the kids on the back.
3. Invite friends over more often. It always seems to be so complicated!
4. Make picture albums. I never find the time to do that and if my computer breaks one day I will drown in tears.
5. Open a shop with my jewelry, or children's design and decoration, or anything I like.
6. Go back to New York City. With my kids. And without them. Eat pizzas there and go to Harlem to eat soulfood (Cornbread + fried chicken = one of my absolute favorites).
7. Make more money. The kind of money that you can put on the side and travel with and not worry about tomorrow. If not make it, at least have it :-)
8. Impossible without achieving # 7 first: Buy a house or an apartment and completely design the interior myslef.
9. Sing openly at home. I love singing. I think I have a fairly good voice but I just can't sing in front of anybody except for my kids - not even my man (especially my man).
10. Go once on holidays in a super exotic and sunny island and, for a week or so, have it like people on TV: private bungalows, nice exotic fruit salads and fresh fish, hot tanned body, warm light blue sea, and coral nail polish (my it Summer nail polish for years FCC!)
11. Be able to take my kids to different countries and make them discover other cultures and traditions.
12. Learn how to draw. I draw like a 5 year old kid.
13. Write a cooking book for my children to keep my recipes forever (if they feel like cooking when they are grown-ups). Yes, a little bit like Bree in Desperate Houswives. I've been wanting to do that for a long long time but I am too lazy. I have noted a few recipes and I am so glad I did because without my notebook I would have forgotten how to cook certain things that I was taught in the past and that I love.

My actual "cooking book"... Yes, I can do better...

14. Have my boobs done. I am too scared and I don't have the money. But I can't even imagine what they are going to look like after nursing my second baby... 
Alternative to #14: Learn how to really love my body without boobs.
15. Stop being so hard on myself and wanting things to be perfect, but just enjoy life as it is and relax.

I should start with #15... 

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