Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Horse, fish and cats...

Today was a very fun day. Me and my children we went to see my sister and her baby boy. We had lunch at her place with my mother who had come for lunch and left early because she had to go to work (I have a very active mother!). It was good to spend the day with my sister. We are like friends, she really is one of the few people who I can talk about everything with. I can really be myself with her.

And these are the things that made me laugh today:

My nefew's cat:

... each time my sister touched her baby with the cat, he burst out laughing, he was so cute! I think these cats are so funny, I want to get one for my baby. I love the one in black and the tiger.

Another cat made me laugh like crazy: "Talking Tom cat" on my sister's i-phone. This is silly. It's a cat who can repeat everything you say with a tiny funny voice. Things like that make me laugh like a kid, I laughed so much that I cried!!! What was funny is that it didn't work so well, so my sister kept talking to the cat who didn't say a word, and then all of a sudden it started repeating all of what she had said for like two minutes, it was hilarious. My sister told me that once she was on the train with a friend and she was showing her her Talking Tom cat when they heard the announcement saying where the train was going and where you could find the restaurant and bar, and then the cat repeated it all with its tiny voice!!!
I am really behind with those things because I'm always the last to know about the new stuff that you get on i-phones and i-pads or whatever, I'm so not modern, and it always makes me laugh like a little girl. I don't mind to sound silly, as long as I'm having fun!!!

Before going back home, my sister took us to a store that is near Merci (see pictures here) called Bonton. It is a store where they sell mainly children's super expensive clothes, children's furniture and toys. There is a section where they have funny vintage-like toys and here's what we got:

Funny fish for baby's bath

My sister bought the horse as a gift for my baby. I know, why buy that when he cannot even sit down on his own yet? Well, we can still use it as decoration until he can play with it. Now that I look at it, I think my sister and I really had an "attack of nostalgia" in the store, because those toys look so much like what we had when we were little...  

They really have beautiful things in this store, like beds, covers, lamps for children. Very inspiring...

They also sell the cute Egmont's lamps (my sister bought the rabbit for her baby):

... I love decoration for children, children's toys and books... 

Me, my daughter and my sleeping baby, we took the bus back home, which took us right in front of our building, easier and cheaper than a taxi, my luxury!

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