Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It's holidays for the kids here in Paris, and tomorrow, me, my daughter, my baby and my cousin's daugther are leaving to go to Bordeaux to spend a few days with my father who lives there. I am so happy to leave Paris for awhile!!! Let's see what the Parisian girl that I am will look like in Bordeaux... I love this city and I'm happy to see my father and get to spend some time with him. 
Today is luggage day: I am trying to stuff everything in one big (old) piece of luggage, but the things for the baby alone already take so much space. I just hate to travel with a thousand little bags and luggage, but I always end up having more bags than a diva!

Too bad I don't drink wine because Bordeaux is the place to go to drink good wine. But they have "Cannelés", it's really good.

I found the recipe for this specialty of Bordeaux on a nice website: the world wide gourmet , so for those who will be courageous enough to try to make Cannelés at home, I hope they will be as good as those I'm going to eat in Bordeaux! Personally, I've never tried to make some, so I can't give you any advice on that...

Last August we went to Bordeaux and they had cow sculptures everywhere in the city, it was fun. They had asked artists of the region to "dress" cows. My daughter loved them!
It is such a beautiful city.

What will be in Bordeaux this time?...

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