Monday, February 7, 2011

A great blog... And flowers from my little flower.

This is a beautiful blog that I wanted to share... It is in French but for those who don't speak my language, you can still look at the pictures and find great ideas for designing your own furnitures for babies and kids, or just get inspired by it. I really like the spirit of it.

In France, this blog has won the "Elle Magazine" award for best blogs 2010. Also, Fanny Grangier, the creator of the blog, has created a magazine called "Egg" for pregnant women that is really great.

Tulips from my sweet little girl...
For my birthday, my beloved daughter gave me flowers. I put them in my "plastic vases" that I like so much. I bought them in a store called "Merci", in Paris. This place is great: it is a huge concept store right in the center of Paris, near Bastille, not too far away from where I am. They sell furniture, jewels, clothes, accessories from the latest or hypest designers... I don't know where else you can find those plastic vases, I think they are designed by a Japanese designer... They are really fun and original and they give a new dimension to your flowers. In summer it gives a little "pop touch" to your table that is really cool.

Plastic vases at Merci

Funny car decoration at the entry of the Merci store.

Well, tonight I want to try to work on my blog's presentation a little, I have been so busy these last weeks (sometimes doing nothing!) that I haven't really had time to try to make it evolve a little bit. So maybe there will be some changes tomorrow, maybe not...

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Fanny - A nos enfants ! said...

Merci !!!!!! C'est tellement bouleversant de découvrir que quelque part à l'autre bout de la toile il y a quelqu'un qui aime mn blog.