Sunday, April 10, 2011

Too much 7...

I went shopping yesterday because I wanted to buy a baby hat for my baby (who else?) and baby socks (my favorite) and so I went to rue de Rivoli, which is a street in the center of Paris where you have most of the stores like Zara, H&M, Mango, Sephora, etc, etc.
Well, here's what happened:

1. I went to Zara and you know how I said I love the bright summer colors they have this season? Well, I ended up buying... a black summer dress.
Ahh, it looks like no matter what, I always end up wearing black...
I also bought a summer hat for my baby, it was written from 1 to 6 months (how can that be first of all?), well it is actually way too big for him, when I came back home and tried it on him, he looked like an old man, it was ridiculous!

2. On my way back to the metro, I stopped by a bakery stand to get something to eat because I was starting to get really hungry. And guess what they had? Galette des rois! In April! Galette des rois is supposed to be finished in February the latest! It makes no sense to have it in April, it's like selling Easter chocolates in August! Of course, I bought a slice, knowing that it was probably some frozen left overs from January... It was not even good, it had no taste, very disappointing...

3. While I was waiting for the girl to slowly and resently serve the people in front of me, with a face that expressed all the joy she felt of doing this job, some cool 17 year-old kids passed by and I heard one of them say: "Il est trop 7 heures!" which means, litteraly, "It's too much 7!", which meant, I take it, "Wow, it's already 7!". I thought it was enormous, and I decided that I'm going to keep that phrase and use it whenever I can. I love teenagers... Ahhh I'll never be 17 again... for the better!


French Cannes Cannes said...

genre, elle réagissait comme s'il était 7 heures??? I don't know if I get the French! Did I understand correctly??

ps - LOVE the dress
pss- bummer about the bad galette des rois!! (I would have been so disappointed!)

Anabelle Tess said...

Yes, I know, maybe I didn't write it well enough so that you guys can understand, but it's almost impossible to translate. What the boy said was, litteraly, "it's too much seven o'clock!", but you know that now in French we use "too" as "so", like we say "she's too pretty" instead of "so pretty", or "this cake is too good" instead of "so good" (you know my love for cakes...) So now they extended this "too-thing" even more and what it meant was "It's seven but I didn't know it was that late". Amazing! The best is that it doesn't really sound like anything in French either!!! I just loved it!

PS: I'll never eat a galette des rois after January again.. pfff