Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mothers' Day, and I am a very lucky mother. I got hugs from my baby, and beautiful gifts from my daughter. There is nothing better than handmade gifts, and she did very well.

I love my children so deeply and I am sooooooo proud of them. 

We spent Saturday's afternoon and evening at some friends' house, lucky them they have a house with a garden in Paris, in the 13th (if you know Paris, you know they're lucky). The weather was so nice, it was great to see the children play outside. Swann was renamed by everybody as "the Explorator", he was going everywhere and wanted to explore every corner of the place with, of course, a preference to stairs (his misadventure definitely didn't stop him!) My friend's father, whom I've known forever, told me: Don't clip his wings (I'm not sure if that's how you say it in English...). These words stayed in my head, I thought I might have clipped Florina's wings a little when she was a baby, because I didn't know and she was all I had, maybe I needed her to stay near me, and today I have a heavy heart thinking about it, but I know I did my best with what I had... But now I know and I'm going to let Swann fly and explore the world. Anyway, it would be hard to stop him!

But when I look at her I think that she's grown like a beautiful flower. We've gone through serious hard times together, and she has her life to build, with her history, but I think she'll be fine, she'll be great, she can use her sensitiveness to do amazing things.

Ahh... Obviously I still have no time to blog. Days seem to go at lightspeed and I barely can find time to rest once in awhile. Sometimes I wish I could be a housewife and just take care of the house and my family (including myself!), but then I think it would be hard to be at home all day. I'm reading a book about anxiety and stress and I must say that I have all the symptoms! But at least I am aware of it, and to fix a problem, you need to acknowledge you have one, so it's a good start ;-) I am thinking of starting yoga or pilates next year, something good for my body and my mental. Any tips?

Have a great week and I hope to "see" you soon!


Dilly said...

Ahhh, a lovely post. I think with children it is such a learning process. Being able to let them be free is quite a difficult thing when all you want to do is protect them and keep them safe. But i'm sure with all your love and support they will grow into beautiful adults :)

Anabelle said...

Dilly, thank you, and you're so right: we learn everyday with our children.

un courant d'air dans la maison said...

je crois que c'est naturel pour une maman de couver son enfant... heureusement qu'il y a de bonnes âmes pour nous éclairer de temps à autres ! moi aussi j'aimerais pouvoir combiner deux vies, workinggirl + housewife. bonne semaine !

Anabelle said...

Bonne semaine, Delphine!

Round Circles said...

Quel joli billet! Et quels beaux moments vous avez passé dans ce jardin(quel luxe en plein Paris!!!)

Tu trouves toujours les mots qui font échos à mes propres interrogations!Etre une bonne mère,ne pas s'oublier,s'épanouir,trouver un temps pour chacun et un temps pour soi...bref concilier tout ça du mieux qu'on peut.

Tes questionnements au sujet de Florina,je les ai eus pour Lhana!
J'ai été moins ouverte,j'avais TELLEMENT de bien faire...que parfois je faisais tout de travers...l'envie de l'enfant parfait...Je suis beaucoup plus indulgente avec mon second et encore plus avec ma dernière!
C'est ça l'expérience!

Je t'embrasse!!!

Polly (nice kind of blue) said...

What a lovely read. Florina must take after you, the way she is so loving, caring and thoughtful.

I used to do yoga, I loved it and it helped me lots (I'm prone to anxiety and stress for sure) I'd do it now if I could find somewhere with a schedule that could fit mine, I just don't have the discipline to do it alone without attending a class.

Emilie said...

je ne peux te conseiller le yoga...

ah le monopoly, que de souvenirs !

Round Circles said...

un coucou en passant!!!Bises