Monday, May 28, 2012


Oui, the sun is back!
Oh what a beautiful weather this weekend. I hope you all enjoyed it. But tomorrow it's time to go back to work, ahhh, sometimes it's good to stay at home.
We're planning to go to Amsterdam this Summer, and this year, for once, I am organizing everything in advance (I mean, if you consider late May being in advance for August...)

Have a beautiful week everybody.


Alexis said...

Lovely photos, Swann has got gorgeous sturdy little legs! I've never been to Amsterdam but I REALLY want to go.

Maria said...

Have a lovely week too

Round Circles said...

Quel beau projet!Et le musée Van gogh:une merveille!
Profitez bien du soleil!!!
Bises jolie Anabelle

Anabelle said...

Alexis, yes he's got sturdy little legs! That's from running and jumping and moving everywhere!!! He's a real athlete ;-)

Maria: thank you dear, you too!

Nora: merci, ah oui, le musée Van Gogh, on ne manquera pas d'y aller!

Emilie said...

celle ci s'annonce un peu plus pluvieuse, alors bon courage ;)