Friday, May 25, 2012


Yoshi is 62.
He is Japanese. He comes from Kobe.
He came to France to improve his French. He wishes to go to Africa and help the populations in danger.
He is retired.
In Japan, he used to work in a hospital, he was a biologist.
His wife stayed in Japan. He is alone in Paris.

This morning in class, we worked on a game that is called, in French, un portrait chinois, which consists in defining yourself through images:

If he was a landscape, Yoshi would be a mountain. If he was a season, he would be Springtime, because he loves when cherries blossom. If he was a room, he would be the rooftop of his house, this way he could protect his wife and his house would be safe. If he was a place, he would be a forest, because he likes calmness and tranquility.

Yoshi had three children, but only one is still alive.

Two days ago, I asked him to make a sentence to express a wish. He said: Je souhaite qu'il soit heureux à jamais (I wish for him to be happy forever and ever).

I will probably never see Yoshi again. But something in him deeply moved me. Sometimes people can affect your life and sometimes — most of the time —, they will not even know it. This is the beauty of this world, and the beauty of my job.


Emilie said...

oh tu me mets les larmes aux yeux...

Anabelle said...


Round Circles said...

Pareil que pour Emilie!Je suis touchée et émue par ton récit et par l'histoire de Yoshi....
Jecrois beaucoup à cela:les rencontres qui changent et modifient le cours de ta vie de façon plus ou moins profonde.
Cyrulnik avec son concept de résilience l'exprime parfaitement bien .Il montre comment des personnes vouées au désespoir et à l'échec de part les traumatismes vécus ,peuvent s'en sortir car ils ont été en contact,à un moment donné de leur parcours,avec une personne qui les a touché,accompagné ...qui a eu confiance en eux.

Merci pour ce beau récit.
Bises Anabelle

Veronica said...

this is beautiful. how lucky you are to have met such a kind and loving spirit. xo

un courant d'air dans la maison said...

oui, touchant.