Monday, January 9, 2012

Next to me

Next to me, on the wall where I have my workspace, I've got them, and they keep my mind inspired.

A quotation of Louise Bourgeois, a photo by Yves Leresche, a picture of my daughter with bubbles, when she was maybe 6.


Alexis said...

This is a nice little glimpse into your space... I like this idea, (might 'borrow' it sometime if you don't mind!?) Love your tree pictures too.

Crystal said...

Such a sweet photo of your daughter! Happy new year to you too, I hope you've had a wonderful festive season x

Anabelle said...

Alexis, thanks and yes of course you can "borrow" :)
Crystal, hope to hear from you very soon. Take care. XX

Round Circles said...

Oh quelqu'un qui connat le travail de Leresche....ç a c'est chouette.J'admire son travail,ses photos et son approche du peuple Rrom:on sent le respect et la dignité que lui inspire les personnes qu'il a rencontré et photographié.

Tu es bien entourée pour travailler!
Have a nice day