Sunday, January 8, 2012


Out at the Jardin des Plantes with Swann and Florina today. The trees were magestic in the cold winter light.

I hope you all had a good weekend.


Sonja said...

they're beautiful, and spooky. I love it.
and well this mught be a silly question but....are those real flamingos!!? :oO

French Cannes Cannes said...

Beautiful... Sometimes you just have to take the time to look up:-) thanks for the reminder:-)

Anabelle said...

Thank you both!
Sonja, that's a fair question :) Actually yes the flamingos are real, there is a zoo at the Jardin des Plantes where we were that day ;) But we do have wild flamingos with wild horses in the south of France, in Camargue, a beautiful region.

Alma said...

Beautiful trees.

La Variété said...

Many thank's about your words! I eally would like to get lost around The Jardin des Plantes. It looks beautiful!