Sunday, December 11, 2011


Today was a quiet day. We stayed at home since Swann was still a little sick, and we listened to Christmas music while we decorated the tree. Of course, we put a lot of things on it because the more there is the more fun it is to decorate and Florina loves it when it has everything on it. When she was four or five, our place was so small that our little tree was in her bedroom, she decorated it with so many things, you could barely see the tree behind the decorations! She's part Gyspsy don't forget. Anyway, as much as I would love a minimalist kind of tree, I let her do it the way she likes. 
Swann was not much interested in the decoration of the tree, and he did not try to pull on everything like we thought he would, he was more busy standing up against the furniture, and exploring the room like usual.

And I made a cheesecake which doesn't taste at all like a cheesecake - it was my first attempt but next time I'll use an American recipe: you can't trust French books with American recipes, somehow they always taste French! If anybody has a good cheesecake recipe, I'll be happy to try it.

It was a peaceful day, and I feel blessed for having around me my beautiful children and my wonderful man. Also I colored my hair this morning, I'm a pro now that I have to do it every four weeks, but the result is good: no more grey hair to be seen, yay, I am young again :) 

I hope you all had a nice Sunday and I wish you a great start of the week tomorrow.

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Alma said...

Je suis très contente que tu aies atterri chez moi ! J'aime beaucoup ton blog aussi ! Merci pour tous tes compliments et à bientôt !