Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY Advent calendar

I know this DIY comes too late or too early, but here's how I made my advent calendar. It's very easy.

You will need:

- A wooden board, or a piece of cardboard
- Masking Tape, or Christmas printed washi tape
- Wrapping paper
- A chalk or a marker pen
- Christmas chocolate, candies, little toys...

I had a painted wooden board at home, and luckily painted in dark green, but I'm sure that a painted piece of cardboard will be nice too, or plain cardboard if you want a more ecofriendly-looking calendar.

Free time is rare when you have a baby at home, so I made a few vouchers for my daughter and I to spend quality time together, no matter what (a promise is a promise).

And to keep the suspense running until the end, I let a question mark on day 25. I'll add a special gift for that day at the last minute... My little effect works perfectly because Florina is very curious to find out what is hidding behind this enigmatic "?"...

And that's it. A new idea for Christmas 2012 (oh la la) maybe...


French Cannes Cannes said...

Cute cute cute!!! Was she surprised?! You have to do it for 2012 - you already have the board;-) ps - i'm loving the little presents and the tape- i'm also curious about the question mark! Hahaha

Maria said...

I love this idea!You have done something very special to her.

Little Green Doll said...

What a really nice idea!! Love it!! :)