Monday, December 5, 2011


I noticed last night that I've been posting a lot of posts about the advent calendar I've made, and it could seem that that's all I've been doing or thinking about :) (I know I said I would explain the tradition of this calendar, but I've seen them on so many blogs around the world, so I guess everybody knows what it is... Any question: ask me!)
Well, actually, these have been really busy days! This weekend we celebrated the 1st birthday of my nefew and it was such a lovely moment, with a large part of the family and friends gathered at my sister's place, all the babies playing on the floor and having so much fun, especially when he opened his gifts and they kept coming to see what was there, and in the same room, both my parents, which amost never happens. I am 36, and still I can tell that there is nothing better than parents who get along, wheither they are married or divorced. It made me happy that my children could see their grandparents together in the same room. I remember that it took years for Florina to understand that her grandmother and her grandfather had once been married and we were once a family when I was a child adn teenager, because she had never seen them together.

Also, I fogot my phone when I went to the party and several times I felt really bad that I could not take pictures. But I realised that I actually lived the moment and it was good to just be there. It made me think of this whole thing about taking pictures all the time, documenting everything. A few years ago, I didn't take so many pictures, and I was more into "live the moment". But I understood that you can't trust your memory, and small things are forgotten so fast. I don't want to forget small things. I love to see old pictures of meals we had, or days at the park when nothing special happened but it would be a shame to not remember the color of the leaves or the clothes we were wearing that day and how the kids played...

December is a happy and melancholic time of year for me. 

Documenting: Earl's tuna sandwich. And my children playing.

Why do you take pictures? Is blogging like taking pictures for you?


I'm Polly said...

Anabelle, I just noticed you added me to your list of 'like' blogs!

Thank you : )

Polly x

French Cannes Cannes said...

Sometimes I do feel like I'm not just enjoying the moment when I take pictures for the blog, but then again, I love writing about the images that struck me and sharing them. Plus, like you said - it's so fun to go back and look at those ordinary days where you captured ordinary, yet somehow special, remarkable moments. Now Copain even takes photos for me... He knows the drill;-) I guess it's important to have a combination of both. I certainly enjoyed my brother's wedding more because I let everyone else take the photos!

Crystal said...

I'm still learning to take pictures. I'm not very confident of my ability. I have a rubbish memory so I have to, I'm scared I will forget the things that happen in my life xx

Anabelle said...

Polly, I do enjoy your blog :)
FCC: Ah, good that your Copain takes pictures for you, it happened the same with Earl and I: in the beginning I used to tease him for taking so many pictures, but now I do and he enjoys de moment :)
Crystal: :)) By the way, I think your pictures are nice!