Wednesday, December 28, 2011

At home

We're at home most of the time. No family to visit. It's wet and windy outside, I could stay at home drinking tea all day.
Yesterday, we went to visit my sister, and their new house looks amazing. They designed everything on their own - which was such a big challenge, especially in such a small amount of time - and the result is so nice. In 6 weeks they completely transformed the house, I am so impressed. It warmed my heart to see the four of them happy and cosy there.
I don't know if I will ever own a house or anything. It seems to me like a mountain that I will never be able to climb. But things change in life, and maybe I just need to grow or make the right choices... I just hope I'll be able to pass something down to my children when the time comes. 

Wearing the brown nailpolish that my daughter gave me for Christmas.

Paris feels like it is distant these days. Unknown faces and you feel like rushing back home when you go outside. Or maybe I haven't been to the right places. I hope that this winter, there will to be snow like last year. I want my baby to see the beauty of snowflakes falling down.


Dilly said...

You will pass on so much more than a house. Hope you have had a lovely Christmas. We are wishing for snow too!

Alexis said...

ooh, love the nail varnish. Impressed at your sister doing her house in six weeks, that is quite something!