Friday, December 30, 2011

Little man

Day by day, he's getting bigger. Now he wants to walk and stand up all the time. 

This is such a precious moment in life.

And it looks like his hair is starting to curl a little bit, on the back, but he's got rather fair hair, almost blond or red at times, which he obviously took from me. I wish I could describe his smell with words so that I can always remember it. It's funny how we can sniff our babies like animals do. At least I do. Can you describe the smell of your baby? Florina used to smell like a kitten.


Maria said...

My boy used to smell like a rocky road sweet when he was a little boy...
but so did my girls too:)

Yours baby is so cute.
and i wish you a lovely day today

Tiny Dancer said...

I love that baby smell. I still remember how my sister used to smell when she was a baby and that was 26 years ago ;)

Sara (saramama) said...

Hi Anabelle and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. It was very sweet :) I've just gone through your blog and it's absolutely beautiful. Interesting too as my brother-in-law is from Paris and my sister and him lived there together for a long time before moving to Finland. It's a very special city for us too.

I'm gonna click myself to your reader panel for sure :)