Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday (Moving on)

Today we went to visit the house that my sister and her partner bought in Maison Alfort, a small town in the suburbs of Paris. It's close to where we are, only 20 minutes door to door by metro but it feels so far away from Paris when you get there! It seems that you are in the middle of France and it's hard to imagine that Paris is right around the corner.

They had been staying in Barbes, the most African and popular area of Paris, where you can hear people speaking Arab as often as French and buy any kind of exotic things, from the products for black hair to the spices for couscous and the vegetables and fruits that make you travel just to look at them. It's a great place in Paris and so vivid and colorful, but it's not the safest (a lot of drugs still going on, even if it got better) and with kids it's maybe not the best, as you don't have a lot of parks and quiet places around there. So they decided to make a big change and leave Paris, after 25 years as a Parisian, my sister is going to be a suburban again... They bought a house which needs to be completely converted and redecorate from top to bottom, right now it looks more like the promise of a house, with broken floors and walls everywhere and electrical sockets hanging from the walls. That's why they are staying in a rented apartment until the work is done. I totally admire them for going through this with kids and all.

After visiting the house, we went for a walk and it was lovely to see the Marne river and the autumnal colors of the trees.

Since this afternoon, I haven't stopped thinking: They've bought a house, wow. I don't know if I ever will buy a house... But I guess I make different choices in life... I came back home feeling happy that we have a metro station right in front of our building and city sounds 24/7, but also feeling happy for them. When the work is over in the house, they will move there and start a new life in a place where they belong. All of that being two women in love, mothers of two small children that they've had together with the help of science or God or whatever you want to call it, women of a new time, living a normal life - I'm so glad that this can happen and that things are changing in this world.

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Crystal said...

sounds like a lovely day. It's so wonderful to feel that the world is progressing and people can sometimes live in peace and harmony x