Friday, November 25, 2011

Bento box

After work, I stopped by the Japanese store Kioko near Opéra, to buy flour to make okonomiyaki at home this weekend. And I found these cute little things that I just couldn't resist buying.

With these babies, I'll be able to make something like this.

I have a passion for Japanese cooking and bento boxes make me want to be a Japanese mother.

In the meantime, and since I am way to hysterical to be a Japanese mother, I am drinking green tea and eating mochi. Good enough.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!

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Fen and Ned said...

Sounds good to me! I hope the cooking was a success, the little pigs on the link are so cute!
Glad you liked the video, the band are called Alpine and the song is Villages. Wishing you a lovely week! xx