Wednesday, November 23, 2011

9 months and 3 days of joy

I missed Swann's 9 months anniversary, I just realized on Monday that it was the day before and thought: ok, we're both growing.

And for his 9 months anniversary, a tiny little tooth finally showed up, the very first one.

He has gotten a little more quiet, the last two months were a real marathon: running after him, dressing him, he was moving all the time! He still does and it can easily take 15 minutes just to dress him up because he moves so much! But now he can sit down and play, without necessarily exploring every single spot of the room. I think he already explored a lot, now he likes taking things with his fingers and letting them fall on the ground, then picking them up again and put them on the coffee table or any place where he can stand in front.
He also like finding things on the floor and eating it. The other day, he found an old finger bandage (a used one, arggh) and tried to swallow it - yes, I know, disgusting. The worst is that he was really upset when we took it from him. Have I lost a few readers here?

He can almost climb the stairs on his own now, of course with someone right behind ready to catch him if he falls. He loves going up the stairs. From his perspective, it looks really high, but he doesn't mind, actually, whenever he passes in front of the stairs, he wants to climb, and he goes all the way up.

Big evolution too: he understands "no". When he goes to a place where he is not allowed to go, he looks back to see if someone is watching, then when he hears "no" he stops and walks away, with a smile too. Lord, if only this could last forever...

I took this picture this morning, while he was playing with his favorite toy, the magnetic blocks. Yes, you may see that his pyjamas are backwards. My mother dressed him like that yesterday night, with the feet all twisted, the buttons looking funny, and no prints on the front, she still didn't notice...
She also decided that it was way too hot in his bedroom, so she put him to bed without his baby sleep sack (is that how you call it? It sounds funny to me...). Final result of the game: he woke up at 5 and stayed awake till 6. Why do people often think that they know better? Why are these people often mothers?


French Cannes Cannes said...

He is adorable - and your mom cracks me up haha. I was just thinking, even though "no" is pretty much the same in English and in French...does Earl speak English with F and S? On another note, Happy Turkey day m'dame!

Anabelle said...

Thanks again! Hope u had a great Thanksgiving dinner. Earl speaks English with Swann and French with Florina, a little bit of English. she understands it more and more but since it's not her mothertongue, it takes time. Her five first years she had only French. I speak French with Swann and Florina, but English with Earl most of the time. I know it sounds like a big mess but we are alright :)
What language do you speak the most with your Copain?

French Cannes Cannes said...

It sounds like my office! hahaha - a mix of Franglais en permanance :-) Copain and I started in French but then when it came time to meet my family, he had to practice his English. So, Mon/Wed/Fri were English days and Tues/Thurs/Weekend were French days - that was rough. Finally, Copain asked me to speak to him only in English so that he could improve on a daily basis. It was strange at first and I always switched back to French for important subjects (taxes, arguments!) but finally, it felt normal and now we mostly speak in English (unless I get mad! haha). I miss speaking to him in French was our first language. However, I understand why he wants me to speak in English and since we live in France and I can speak French anytime I want, it seemed only fair:-)

Anabelle said...

Wow, that's interesting, to change language like that... I like the scheduled week :) What's funny with us, is that when I speak in French to Earl, he anwsers in English. Très bizarre... I wonder what Swann will speak in the beginning, it's probably going to sound a little crazy too :)
Did you guys decide what language(s) you will speak with your child if/when you have one?