Saturday, October 1, 2011

Goodbye old fashion

After years of a very old and cheap phone, I am now officialy and finally part of the extended club of the i-phone owners. Yay. Yay. Yay.

At first when the cell phones arrived massively in France (which was about two decades ago), I was very reluctant to having one. I was in high school and I thought the girls and boys who had one looked so snobish and pretentious. Also I was the kind of person to say things like: I've been living very well without a cell phone so I don't need to change. (Crap.) But then, after a few years of resistance - I really resisted much longer than my friends and was then at university when I eventually surrendered -, I bought one and got hooked to it in a minute like everybody else. So when my phone broke off the other day, I felt lonely like a stone. I lost all at once my phone, my watch, my alarm clock, my calendar, my phone book, my calculator, my doudou (cuddly blanket). Not even knowing the numers of my closest friends and family and realizing how lazy my brain had been since I got my first mobile phone. But whatever. Since I had a chance to have an i-phone for a very good price, I thought it was time to say goodbye to old fashion and finally get to slide my finger on the skreen of my phone like cool most people do.

So there you go.

My son and my stepson today at the park, taken with my new toy.

I know I'm going to take a thousand pictures a day.
I know I'm going to call people for no reason just for the fun of it.
I know I'm going to change the picture on my desk top every other day hour.
I know I'm going to turn to Talking-Tom cat for comfort when I'm down.

I know I sound even more old fashion writing all of that. But I don't mind :) 

Have a great Sunday everybody!


French Cannes Cannes said...

Sunday morning blogging! (my fave)

Welcome to the magical world of the Iphone - now download Hipstamatic pronto! and the Parisian metro, and WhatsApp and... hahahaha
have fun!

Anabelle said...

Oh yes I will :)

un courant d'air dans la maison said...

oh génial ! j'en rêve... j'attends le bon plan...ou le père noël !

Alexis said...

You must get the instagram app! (You know how much I love it).

Anabelle said...

Delphine: mon bon plan/père Noêl c'est Bouygues, mon Iphone (le 3) me revient au final à 19 euros, la fidélité ça paye, qui dit mieux? :)

Alexis: I will!!!