Friday, September 30, 2011

At home

So this is the first real day I have for myself in such a long time. My baby is at the nursery for the full day today, my daughter is at school, my man is at work. 
I spent the morning cleaning my messy dusty durty home. I just can't start anything in such a mess. Also, I would have felt guilty to not do something for the family. I know they'll notice a change when they'll come home, and they'll apreciate - at least my man will.

I must admit, I love being alone.

I had my first kaki fruit of the year. My passion for this fruit began when I had gestational diabete and I was allowed to eat only three fruits a day, apart from that I couldn't have anything sweet for almost three months - a pure torture for a cupcake/cookie/cake/chocolate lover like me. 

My friends, as much as I love my man and my children, I have to tell you: it feels good to be home alone today.

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French Cannes Cannes said...

profites! now I want a kaki! :-) I might just have to get some at the market this weekend...