Sunday, October 2, 2011

Sunday at the Parc des Buttes Chaumont

What a delighful weather today again in Paris!

I took the kids and we went to the Parc des Buttes Chaumont, which is a huge park in the north east of Paris. We met my sister, her man, and their baby, and had a picnic there. The park was growded with people enjoying the sun, it felt like holidays.

And really, doesn't it feel good to see happy people all around you? In this city where people are said to be so stressed, agressive, and always in a rush, I think that in fact Parisians are people who know how to have fun and enjoy their free time. Yes we get upset quickly. Yes we're not always very patient (to say the least). Yes, we speak our minds more than we should and are not always very diplomatic. But still. We are beautiful when we all sit down on the grass at the park between friends and/or family and talk for hours over food, cigarettes or a drink (or our Iphones). You won't see greasy papers everywhere at the end of the day, you won't see people fighting, you won't see people being shy or cold to eachothers. The kids play with water, the parents let them do, then scream at them for being all wet, then forgive them because it's not a big deal after all, the lovers take a walk, the old people sit on benches and watch the incessant ballet of families passing by and the colorful dresses of the women, along with the cute fashionable clothes of the little girls and the neglected cool way to dress of the men. Again more bobo people.

It may take time for non-Parisians to get to understand us well, and a lot of foreigners might get annoyed by our ways, but I love being a Parisian and I think we just looked great today.


French Cannes Cannes said...

It's crazy what you can find in the city! Copain and I went to le Bois de Vincennes- one of their equestrian parks... The kids were loving the horses and we were loving lunch en terrasse;-) Parisians did look great yesterday! I'll have to explore les Buttes de Chaumont bientôt;-)

Leigh said...

I just left a few comments and was going to email you directly but don't see a way to do so. We might be moving to Pairs (big might right now) but I would love to meet you if we do, or if I just visit sometime :) Leigh

Anabelle said...

Hello Leigh, thanks for your messages. Wow, that's great! If you move to Paris you won't regret it (but London is fabulous too).

If you want to contact me by mail, you can email me at:
But via my blog is the fastest way to get an answer from me :)

See you soon :)

Leigh said...

Okay, thanks! Will you tell me which part of town you live in, which general area if you don't want to be too specific on your blog :) Are you near this park? I hope if we move there I could be near you! PS I love the new cushion toy you made for your son. It's adorable.