Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Romy 2011

September and a new baby, that means it's time for a new look for me. I already changed my blog presentation, now I'm looking for a change in my clothes and hair too.

Like often, I thought about my favorite actress ever, Romy Schneider, and how she was dressed in one of her movies: "César et Rosalie", by Claude Sautet. This was in 1972, three years before my birth. My parents loved Claude Sautet's movies. In "César et Rosalie", Yves Montand and Sami Frey are more handsome than ever and she just naturally irradiates. Just like in "La Piscine" with Alain Delon. An amazing beauty.

On these pictures, she looks like she is around my age... I like looking at them, they make me accept my wrinkles a little bit more and think that a woman gains beauty and sex appealwith age. (That's to make me feel better after my post about the 20 year-old girls...)

Anyway, back to fashion. I got inspired by her look and here is what I found during my virtual shopping today:


and zara.com:

I don't know if this bag really goes with the style, but I saw it today at Zara and loved it. Somehow I always like a bit of glitter...

It usually takes me forever to change my style, because I am so used to seeing myself a certain way... But I like imagining myself with a different haircut, and different clothes. Sometimes I stay the same, sometimes I dare... We'll see about this time.

What kind of style are you into these days?


French Cannes Cannes said...

I'm trying to create a new look by wearing the clothes in my closet that I never wear! Today: black wrap dress and derbys :-) ....unfortunately, the derbys hurt my feet and I had to switch into ballerines at the end of the day ha!

Anabelle said...

That's what I'm trying to do too: wear things that have been sitting there and neglected. I did find a few nice things that I am wearing these days.
Derbys are great.