Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to school

I remember, 7 years ago, the very first day my daughter went to pre-school (kindergarten). It was a morning like this morning. Not too warm, not too cold. And like this morning, we were ready, she had her little bag, her new clothes for school, looking pretty and proud and shy and a little scared. We walked to the school and then I took her to her class, met her teacher, stayed a little bit and then it was time to go. She was so little. Some children were crying, some really loud, others quietly. I kept a smile on my face to tell her everything was fine. She didn't cry. I know she probably wanted to, just like me, but she held on to her little smile and just stayed there. We said goodbye, I said see you this afternoon, have a great day my darling. She was a big girl. I turned around and walked away. I didn't know what was going to happen, if she was going to have a great day, if the teacher was going to be nice, if she was going to make friends. I walked back home with pride and joy and sadness. Fighting the tears all the way to my apartment.

I've been reading a few mommy blogs these past days and they all express the same feelings about their child going to school for the very first time... 

This morning, 7 years after her first day at school ever, my daughter and I walked to her school, chatting like it was no big deal. She asked me to cut her hair shorter this week-end and in layers, which makes her look older. I know she was a little nervous to meet her new teacher. And were her friends going to still be her friends after 8 weeks apart? Next year she'll go to the equivalent of secondary school in the UK (junior high school I think in the US) and I expect to feel the same mixed feelings as I did when she first started school... 

Why is it always hard to let our kids go? And why does it feel so good at the same time?

In two weeks and three days -exactly- my little boy will start the crèche (day-care center). I have only one thing to say. Oh la la. Read it both with joy and apprehension.

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Jane said...

Merci pour tes mots et un petit chez moi pour toi ce matin :

Très bonne journée,

Jane aka. Libelul