Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The little girl in me

Today, I went to buy ballet shoes for my daughter, for her oriental dance class. The minute she tried them on, I fell in love. Funny how you can fall in love with things sometimes. They had my size in black and I thought that next time I want can buy myself a little gift, I'll go and get a pair of those ballet shoes to use them as slippers.

And then tonight, as I was having dinner all by myself for once, I started thinking about my daughter's ballet shoes and memories came back to me.

I was about her age.
I wanted to be a ballerina.
At that time, we had a summer house in the southwest of France and there, my sister E. and I had ballet pointe shoes. I don't know where we got them, maybe my mother had bought them for us at a brocante (a village flea market). I used to wear them and dance around, pretending I was a famous dancer. After a while, they hurt my feet, but I didn't care. I could see myself dancing Swan Lake, with a beautiful ballet tutu and my hair carefuly tied in a bun, and I kept spinning around with my shoes.

photo found here
And as I am writing this, I can feel that the little girl in me is still dancing.

I named my son Swann (not even thinking of the ballet).
I tie my hair in a bun every other day.
I am not a dancer but I am graceful.
I fall in love with ballet shoes.
I am still a dreamer.


French Cannes Cannes said...

I have a bouquet of all of my old pointe shoes...I love them. I still love them. They are sitting in my parents house...I would have loved to have had your pointe shoes when I was little! I had to wait to get them and had boring leather ones until then. You should definitely get the black ones when you can...always good to dream :-)

Dilly said...

I am with you! Unfortunately, I didn't go any further than the little black leather ballet shoes I had when I was four. I fear grace has passed me by too!!! However, my twin girls love to prance around in my nieces pointes and are very delicate! I showed them the snow white ballet and they fell in love! They haven't had the costume off yet!

Crystal said...

I always wanted to be a ballet dancer (I still do). I never had lessons but used to get asked if i was a dancer constantly (once by a choreographer!). Maybe one day I will take lessons, perhaps you should take it up again too? xx