Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I love big families. 
Babies, children, adults, grandparents, four generations in one room, to celebrate my grandfather's 84th birthday. We ate French and Danish, spoke English, Danish, Spanish, and French. Had to struggle to find a sit, run back to the kitchen for more plates and glasses, kids playing around, babies falling asleep here and there, one on his stroller, the other on his father's lap, we had a wonderful time together.


Crystal said...

What a wonderful day! Being with family is such a wonderful treat! x

Dilly said...

Ahhh, sounds lovelyX


Dear Anabelle:)
Thank You for visiting my blog:) - I'm very happy I can create sth, that other people like:)- that You like:) I hope I'll design some more illustrations & patterns for Bird Lovers!;)
have a nice day!
best regards,

artycho said...

Anabelle, le patron des guêtres au crochet est en ligne! N'hésite pas si tu as des questions!

Anabelle said...

Thank you Alicja, can't wait :)

Ah, merci Artycho! J'aurai sûrement des questions de débutantes... Mais c'est mon challenge pour l'hiver, j'aime trop ces guêtres :)