Saturday, August 27, 2011


Things I didn't have before:

- a bedroom
- an addiction to my Mac
- a purple bike on the side of my living-room
- a king size cover with baby toys all over it in the middle of my living-room
- a living-room big enough for all of that
- wrinkles (do they freak you out as much as they do me?)
- a ring at my finger that says "i love you / je t'aime"
- a baby phone
- nice neighbors
- a ton of shoes in my entry

Things I wish I had:

- a new camera (mine is ridiculously old now, can't handle more than a two minute film before turning off - worn out battery - and has a poor definition)
- a work space at home
- a cup of my favorite Japanese green tea (it's whether you have a baby or a cup of tea, but you can't have both, at least not warm, at least not me - anybody who does, please tell me how you do)
- a dishwasher

                                           picture from here


French Cannes Cannes said...

I want a living room big enough for all that :-)

Anabelle said...

I know... I hope for you that you will. A few years ago, I was living in a 35 m2 so dreams can come true :-)

Leigh said...

I think I read that you have a new iPhone. Just get some good photo apps. Most of the pictures on my blog (the Italy ones you saw, for example) are all with my iPhone. I mostly use Instagram but also like camerabag and pictureshow. I love your blog too :) I will email you in a bit.