Friday, August 26, 2011

The law of gravity

We went to my sister's today, and when we got back home, the new chair was ready and dinner was cooking. (I have a wonderful man).

We wanted to buy Swann a highchair and I thought the one from Ikea was good but I was not sure. Then I saw it there and thought it was nice (which Kerry confirmed to me,thank you Kerry), and since my mother was going to Ikea today, she got it for us. 16 euros with the tray, I think you can't find any better. So here it is, and my baby really enjoyed it today,  experimenting the law of gravity. It seemed to be pretty entertaining.

Grab. Hold. Drop. And watch it fall.


un courant d'air dans la maison said...

Oh oui, nous aussi on est devenu adeptes à la chaise haute ikea ! Prix, design, peu encombrante, on l'avait même acheté par paire (pour chez les grands parents), j'ai même une amie qui en a acheté trois... un des rares accessoires de puériculture que j'ai gardé au cas où, un jour... ;-)

French Cannes Cannes said...

that game could get very old for you hahaha

KERRY said...

Yay, I’m glad you got it! I’m sure you’ll be very pleased with it. Glad I found you too, as I couldn’t find a link from your blogger profile (unless I was being a bit dim)! Have a lovely weekend :)

KERRY said...

p.s. I notice you have a similar age gap between your children to me, I have a 10 year old daughter, and of course Bertie, who is 19 months. Nice to see someone with a similar situation!

Anabelle said...

@Delphine: tu as bien raison de garder quelques petites choses, c'est vrai, on ne sait jamais... ;-)
@ FCC: yes, I know, it's fun the first days then after a while you go to bed with a sore back and you know why ah ah
@ Kerry: hey thanks for joining! I am sure your daughter has a lot of fun with her little brother... I'm happy life decided to change my plans and gave me the opportunity to be in this situation with my children, I love it! Plus it's less tiring than to have children who are close in age :-)
But I feel much older than 10 years ago though :-(

Leigh said...

We had the same highchair and loved it! My sister has 3 kids (6 and under, whew!) and she thinks it's great too. She originally had a big one covered in cushy fabric that got slathered in food sludge all the time and was hard to clean. You can't beat this one :)