Sunday, July 17, 2011

I love Paris: a walk in the 13ème arrondissement

The other day, we went to visit our friends K&L who live in the 13th arrondissement. We walked around in the "quartier" before taking the bus back home and enjoyed the little streets and houses. I never go in the 13ème anymore, I used to work there but I hadn't gone back there for ages. It is so nice, if you go around the "Buttes aux Cailles". We were on rue de Bobillot, rue des Peupliers, there are some real treasures there.  

Old butcher on rue de Bobillot.

And near the Place d'Italie.

I will never have enough of Paris...
(This one is for FCC, enjoy your trip back home and your father's good cooking!)

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French Cannes Cannes said...

Merci!!!! I always love your photos of Paris! Plus, after saying aurevoir to my family I'll need reminders of why I love Paris to make the trip home easier....:-(