Sunday, July 24, 2011

Goodbye Amy (Part 2)

No, guys, really this is sad.

Watch this, how fuck*ng talented she was (I love the choregraphy of the "chorus guys").

This is sad. 

I've been watching videos of her all night, and she reminds me of myself when I was 15. I didn't take drugs or alcohol, but I had the same boldness and fragility that can make you do things that inevitably put you in trouble. And this is why I could barely stand to look at her sometimes, because it made me uncomfortable to think that I could have become a girl like her, just without the talent. There is something beautiful in those who create with their sorrow and suffering. But unfortunately a lot of them don't know that joy, too, is beautiful, and that happiness is indeed more valuable than misery. 

I once was a wild animal like Amy Winehouse, and now I am a happy woman and a happy mother. I've come a long way and I've found the place in my life where I can be safe and happy... Amy didn't.

May she rest in peace...

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