Thursday, June 23, 2011

Mothers and the city...

The other day after my daughter's oriental dance class, I intended to go back home by bus after going shopping for food, like I often do on Wednesday. It was really hot, and I didn't expect it to be so hot outside so my baby was dressed a little too much. Also he was tired for not sleeping enough in his stroller and was clearly getting impatient. When the bus came, he was crying as loud as possible. I was about to get on, but the driver said that I had to wait for the next one because there were already three strollers on the bus which is now the maximum they allow. Apart from that the bus was almost empty. The bus driver was extremely nasty too, and he drove off after telling me that I should be taught good manners because I insisted on getting on the bus anyway.

I was SO mad! 

This is the new rule in Paris (they advertize/brag about it everywhere, like they are proud of it): no more than three strollers on the bus. 
Ok, so then what do you do when you have a baby? 
- Option 1: You keep waiting for a bus that has no stroller or less than three. 
- Option 2: You take your car and contribute to the pollution in Paris (that's when you have a car, because I don't have one and can't even drive). 
- Option 3: You stay at home. Yes, it's 2011 and that's what it says to me: stay at home or near your house, don't take too much space, don't bother people with your baby. 


Still there is a happy ending to my story, because I got on the next bus and a mother who had been there with me all the time and couldn't get on either reported to our new driver what had happened with the previous bus. When I got off the bus, the driver stepped out of the bus and told me that it was a shame that his colleague would not let me in with my crying baby and that he would report it to the big boss. He said that it was not normal to not let me on but, as he said with philosophy, sometimes it happens that we fall upon idiots. Ah, I wanted to kiss him like Roberto Benigni! Because I like to think that in this world, for one idiot there is a nice guy too.

Discrimination in full effect, with the hypocrit friendly pink color. And a bad, so-called demagogic play on words that says more or less: We love babies but don't go too far with the strollers. (If anybody has a better translation, please comment). And bellow, in small letters, it says that beyond two strollers you have to please fold yours and keep your baby in your arms. No, seriously, is that a JOKE??? Has anybody tried to fold a stroller while holding a baby? I mean, a living baby, not a baby on a drawing. It MUST be a joke!

Ah Paris...

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French Cannes Cannes said...

C'est fou!!!! Maddening!!! I would have flipped out ... But you are right - for every jerk there are a couple of nice guys (heureusement)