Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Larry and me...

Me and my man are big fans of Larry David. What can I say, this guy crakes me up. I love the way he always says the wrong thing that we all would want to say but don't, out of courtesy. I love his bad temper and how his wife is so patient and sweet with him when anybody else would just go nuts. I love how he deals with issues like racism, handicap, sexism, anything, with so much humor and silliness. I love his friend-till-the-end Jeff and how they both always get in trouble for no reason. I could watch his show "Curb your enthusiasm" (the title alone is hilarious) for hours. It reminds me of when my man first brought a DVD of the first season and the fun we had to watch all the episodes at night - one more? yeah! And when we went to London we bought like four DVDs and back home we spent our evenings watching them, we even started on the train back to Paris!

(Just don't watch the show in French, it is sooo bad, it's a joke... Or yes, watch it as a joke or how to turn a great show into a piece of cr*p just by using bad comedians' voices and bad translations.)

Oh yes deep inside I know I am him, and I LOVE it!
(That face...)

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