Sunday, May 22, 2011

Who's loving you?

Everybody is sleeping at home but me. I spent the evening cleaning the kitchen and I put so much energy into it that now I feel like it's the beginning of the day!

So here I am, reading my favorite blogs, thinking of the crib bumper I'm going to make for my baby and listening to Michael Jackson's "Who's loving you". Do I love this song!

When I had you, I treated you bad and wrong my dear and since you went away, don't you know I sit around with my head hanging down, and I wonder who's loving you.

Yes it talks to me. Because I do believe that life without love is so lonely...

To Earl: I love you more than I could say.

To whoever reads this post: I hope somebody's loving you, and if not, I pray that you will find someone that you love and that will love you back. I've been single long enough to say: never give up, keep dreaming of the right person, and one day when you expect it the least, love will come to you!

Just trust your heart...

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