Sunday, April 3, 2011


I was out today to get some things at the grocery store that's open on Sunday (not at all systematic in France, not even in Paris... I know...) and on my way back home I started looking at people and the way they were dressed. It's funny about Sunday because you have two categories of people: those who dress up and those who dress "down". 

The first category dresses for some special occasion, like a family reunion, a wedding, relatives coming over for the day, grandparents to visit, a little trip in the big city... whatever. They do dress up for the occasion and you can't miss it, especially on people who usually dress casual. It's funny to watch them and notice little details like heels, hair done, a nice jacket, fancy black tights, unusual (and sometimes challenging) make-up, a tie, a light-pink colored coat, that is clothes and shoes that are not of a daily use, which means, almost inevitably, an akward attitude and a clumsy walk. I love it! 

On the other hand, you've got people who openly dress "bad" on Sunday, like you know that in the morning they take the first casual and comfortable - should I say ugly - thing in their closet and wear it, with some sort of self-satisfaction and delight that is beyond any respect for the rules of fashion about how to match (or not) colors, and what shoes to wear with what pants or shorts (arrrh hairy whitish legs on bikes... thank you gentlemen...). 
Anyway, on Sunday, people are often slightly different from the rest of the week and it's intersting to watch...

As for me, I make a point in dressing every day the same: slim jeans and heels (with reasonable height), even to go to Franprix - the grocery store... don't ask me why. Occasionally, I'll wear a dress - silk is my favorite- or a leather skirt with colored tights that makes me feel like I am the hottest girl in the world and makes me want to quit my job to be able to wear whatever I want whenever I want. (I like pretending that I don't because of my job and not because I don't have the guts...)

Like we say in French, l'habit ne fait pas le moine, which means, if I am correct "Do not judge a book by its cover"...

Well, I saw some funny book covers walking in the street near my place today...

My favorite look of the moment: (I found these pictures there)

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