Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Parisian in Bordeaux...

Bordeaux is such a beautiful city. It's actually considered the most beautiful French city after Paris. I've had a great time there and really enjoyed the ambiance of Bordeaux.

And even if I wish I could have stayed there longer, I am still happy to be back in Paris. Why? (I'm being my "I love rien" Parisian here !!!)

- In Bordeaux, Sundays feel like Sundays. Everything is closed except for a few restaurants and bars, people are at home or walking the empty streets... I'm still debating weather it is depressing or healthy... 
- In Bordeaux, you quickly understand that there will be soon no place to go where you haven't been already.
- In Bordeaux, you can easily meet your colleegues, or worst you boss, when you go shopping. That means having to justify why you are on the line to try on those pink underwear or why you are buying cheap pizzas for dinner when you told everybody you're an adept of quinoa and vegetables.
- In Bordeaux, the KFC looks sad.
- In Bordeaux, they still have the old phone booths, which all of a sudden signifies that modernity has reached its limits (well, actually I loved it, I love old things that bring back memories).

Old photo booth, with posters announcing zouk or
reggae shows, reminds me so much of my childhood in the country...

More seriously, I'm going to miss Bordeaux a lot and I hope to go back this summer maybe. I just love the quiet little streets and big avenues (with no cars) with the beautiful buildings everywhere. The architecture is splendid. People were nice and looked beautiful and tanned. And the weather was great... Perfect holidays!

The "water mirror".
The girls playing in the water. We went there three times
 and they had so much fun they didn't want to leave! Adults go too,
it's funny to see them posing for pictures barefoot in water in the center of the city!!!
Shoes waiting...

Wild store decoration...
A carnival store that is over 80 years old! And the inside was just amazing!
I wanted to buy a wig but... I didn't...
Ah, I'm going to miss Bordeaux a lot. My first day back in Paris was already stressful, so much noise and pollution everywhere!!! I tried to go out for a walk with my baby but he cried the whole time! He probably enjoyed peaceful Bordeaux as much as I did...

Easter window... Those nougatine eggs are soo good
but they send you straight to the dentist's.
The girls playing at my father's.
He loves antique furniture, art, and books.
Beautiful landscape: the Garonne.

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French Cannes Cannes said...

This is how I feel when I got back to Toulouse - I love it and hate it all at the same time! It's so quiet but then it's tooooo quiet. I love that you can walk everywhere but then there is nowhere else to go...we can't win. hahaha