Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sorry Angelica...

Yes, sorry Angelica for "deleting you" for a few days on my front page. You have been my one and only follower and I want to thank you for reading me (if you still do...). I apreciate that you had the guts to follow me when no one else did so far. I have been very busy with my baby and honestly I have less inspiration to write these days, maybe because I have so little time to write and think of what I would want to write about... But when my son allows me more time to write and go back in front of my computer to share things with whoever is going to read me, I will write more again.

Today my sister came to visit. She too has a baby boy, who is three months and a half. She has decided not to go back to work right away but to stay with her little boy until September, which is maybe what I am going to do, too. But I can feel that she is not completely satisfied with this choice, because to stay at home all day with her baby is not easy and I am not sure that she is very happy with this life... Sometimes those decisions are hard to make: whether to go back to work or to stay with your baby (if you are lucky enough to actually have the choice...). And, if you've decided to stop working, as much as you love your little one, sometimes you just wish you could be at work and talking with other adults and doing the things that you liked to do before your baby came... Personnaly, I didn't like the place where I was working and I was not very happy with my job any more, so if I have to stop working for awhile, I won't regret my job. I might regret not being around adults and collegues more, but I also know that I have to think of something new to do in my life in order to be more happy with my job.

With my sister, we talked only about babies, maternity, education, sleepless nights... I know it is going to be like this for a while... When you have a baby, it seems that that's all you talk about, especially when you are around people who have children too. And forget it if they have a baby, it's even worst!

But that's the kind of mother I want to be (I found this picture on the Internet, I don't remember where but I love it!):

Free to be a woman and to have friends and to continue enjoying shopping and looking pretty and not being only a mother... I want my man to continue looking at me, and be his lover too, not just the mother of his child. 

Angelica, that's the name my ex-husband wanted us to name our daughter... I wish you the best in life and I thank you again for being my unknown google friend.

Ah, I've changed the presentation of my blog again. Is it better? I couldn't say. Anyway, I will probably change it again, just like my mind changes all the time on so many things. I like the saying "Il n'y a que les idiots qui ne changent pas d'avis", which means "Only idiots don't change their minds" (I don't know if there is a better way to say it in English...)

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