Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My dream day of shopping

Now that I spend most of my time at home, taking care of my baby, trying to wash as many clothes as I can, cooking and taking extra small naps as often as possible, I window shop more on the Internet than in "real life". But if I could go out for the full day, let's say, without children, and if I had more money (we are kind of broke these days...) this is what I would do:

I would start my day out taking a breakfast at Starbucks Coffee. I would have my favorite: a blueberry muffin, with a tea and fresh orange juice.

After that, I would go to a store where I have never been yet, Hema.

This is a new Duch store that my sister talked to me about, a little like Ikea but they do clothes and birthday stuff and many other things. It is cheap and fun. I can't wait to go there! I will buy my baby clothes, he is already growing out of the ones we have, and most of the things he wears are clothes that have been handed down by my sisters or friends. Also I am sure I can find things for my daughter's birthday which is coming soon: we will have a big celebration on the 27th of March, I have to start preparing. It's going to be so much fun! She wants to have a party with her friends and she wants to wear make-up (including mascara!)...

Then I would stop buy the Mac store, to buy myself a new eye shadow or a new lipstick (I want the one in Russian red). I would like to try a Summer color on my eyes, like aqua blue. 

Then I would to my favorite store for clothes, Zara. I think this place is great: you can find so many nice clothes, so many different styles and trends, for small prices. I buy a lot of my clothes there, and at H&M also, of course. I don't really like buying expensive clothes because I change so often and also because I've never had a lot of money so I am used to looking for nice but cheap clothes. But since it is a "dream day", I would probably go to Maje or Sandro and buy a top or two and maybe a little black jacket or a leather jacket, or a leopard printed scarf.

After that, I would probably go and buy myself some nice sunglasses, I saw some awsome ones by MiuMiu (of course way too expensive for me). I want to wear big sunglasses this year.

For lunch, I would meet my man near the Opera, in the Japanese quartier, and we would have lunch at my favorite Japanese restaurant where I would eat "okonomiyaki", a kind of Japanese pancake with pork, cabbage and BBQ sauce, amazingly good!

Aki, my favorite Japanese restaurant in Paris, rue Saint Anne.


Then after lunch I would go and buy some new shoes. I have been wearing the same shoes for months now, because I normally wear only heels, but when I started being really pregnant, I had to stop wearing high and tiny heels because I had no balance anymore. But now I want to wear more feminine shoes. I like the fact that pointed shoes are coming back. They look great with slim jeans, which is what I wear every day.

Then, I would go and buy earings. I want extra big creoles like that:

Cristina Cordula, from a French TV show I have been watching these days
with my daughter. I think she looks beautiful.

Last, I would go and get a new hair color, because my color needs a serious retouching!

Now, that was my dream day of shopping. But instead, I stayed at home in the morning, then took my daughter to her oriental danse class, and then me, my daughter and my baby, we went to the park. It was such a nice and sunny day today. I breastfed my baby outside for the very first time! That was a great moment, my daughter was playing and I was enjoying the sun and Springtime weather. In the end, it was a dream day, just of another kind...

My daughter playing, cooking with wood...

Descret breastfeeing...

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