Sunday, March 6, 2011

At home

There is a big sunshine outside today, but it looks like me and the baby we are going to stay at home. It is a strange feeling: time seems to fly away at lightspeed, and at the same time it seems that time has stopped. I feel tired. Breastfeeding is tiring, having a new born baby is tiring. I would like to write on my other blog, but I have no time. But I don't mind because these are tresured moments, moments spent with my son.

Yesterday my mother came with two gifts: a little sweater that she has nitted especially for our baby,

(I had forgotten that my mother could nit. She used to make a lot of clothes for her and my sisters and I when we were little. The picture is not great and it doesn't show how beautiful the color is. Plus it is so soft.) 
... and a special cushion for breastfeeding. I was sceptical about those cushions until I tried it, but it is soo comfortable, it really is a must-have when you breastfeed. It can also be put in the baby's bed to reduce the size of the bed and make the baby feel more secured. This one is extremely practical and cosy and soft. My mother chose it blue, which is her favorite color. Everything is blue at her place, and she mainly wears blue. If I had to associate my mother with one thing, it would be with blue.

She bought the cushion in a store in Paris called "Ava and Mr Joe"where they make a lot of things by hand, they have a lot of cute things, I can't wait to go there!

From the website of the store:
The weather is so nice today, I wish we could go oustide in the park. It makes me want to be in summer again. Each year, when March arrives, I feel like springtime and summer to come back.

Here is a picture that I found today. My daughter was around 6 at that time. We were at a park called "Parc Floral" near Paris, it is an amazing park where you can find so many varieties of flowers, playgrounds for the children, a lake, and in late Springtime there is a jazz festival, with oustide music, it is a place that I love. There is also a peacock (one of my favorite animals) and sometimes you can hear it and see it when walking in the park. I used to go there very often with my daughter when she was little. We will go again and have a pic nic there, one of my favorite things to do!

She had very long hair at that time! I had put real flowers on each of her pony tails... She looked so beautiful that day... It was one of the first time we had gone to a park with my man. Our love was still new and I remember lying down in the grass and feeling so much love. I also remember that my daughter was not very kind with him that day... It was the beginning and it was not easy. He was the first person to really take me away from her in a way. We all learnt a lot since then, we all grew and made efforts to accept this new life. Even today, things are not always easy, but we believe in love and even if it takes time, our hearts will patiently work on making our family a happy place for each one of us... 

The peacock, dancing for us at Parc Floral.

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