Thursday, March 17, 2011

Beauty cocktail

Since my baby was born, many people have told me how great I look. They are amazed that I don't look tired and all. My cousin said: "You look like you have a normal life" refering to my abnormal life as a mother of a new born baby who wakes me up 3 to 4 times a night!
Ok, maybe these are fake compliments, but I tend to think that my make-up routine has something to do with it... Because, yes, I do have a secret, this face, as imperfect as it looks, is not 100% natural and I am not trying to deny it. At 36, with a new born baby, who would look fresh and nice anyway?

So here is what I do everyday to look prettier:

1. First I clean my face with rose water. Then I apply a tinted moisturiser for sensitive skin (I use Hydreane tente, #02, La Roche-Posay). I much prefer using a tinted moisturiser than a foundation because I have a dry skin and I think it looks healthier and more natural than a regular foundation. But you can mix your moisturiser with a bit of foundation and you will have the same result. 

2. I apply a bit of concealer under my eyes to hide the fact that I only slept four hours (and not even in a row). I use Mac's Studio Finish Concealer, it stays on and has a rather natural finish (I say "rather natural" because I still think concealers and foundations are to be used with carefulness...) But if you don't put too much on, this is a good one.

3. After that, I use a miracle product for my eyes, which is Paint Pot from Mac, in Painterly. It is a kind of cream eye shadow (mine is the color of my skin) that helps the make-up stay on all day. This is real! Before using this product, I used to always have eye shadow packed on the crease of my eye lid after a few hours, but now the make-up doesn't move all day. It's really worth it, even though at first you would think: why buy something that is just the same color as my skin so it will not show at all? Well, first it prevents redness on your eyes, and second your eye shadow will stay on. 

4. I put on a little bit of powder on my eyes and where I put concealer and also on my nose and forhead. Again, for a natural finish, just put on a little bit, it is just to lock in the make-up and you don't want to look like an old woman with powder all over her face... (By the way, I love old women and I love them even more when they look all powdered, but wait till you hit 75...). I use Avene Couvrance but any other kind of powder will do.

5. Then I put on a bit of nude eyeshadow, a small line of eye pencil (usually brown for a more natural finish) and mascara (but not too much). Mac's eyeshadows are great, they stay on all day. I also love the ones from Dior, but they are more expensive...

 Dior, matte & shiny duo, nude look 365.

6. Then I put on a little bit of cream blush on my cheeks. Again, don't use too much or you will look like a Russian doll, which is cute but maybe not what you are looking for...
I use Bobbi Brown's cream blush for lips and cheeks in powder pink, but Mac makes great ones too, and they are a little cheaper. I much prefer cream blushes, I think they look more natural and fresh than powder blushes.

6. After that, I use another miracle product from Mac, which is Cream Color Base, in Shell. I apply a touch of it above my cheek bones and sometimes under my eye brows and above the center of my upper lip. If you handle this product well, no one will really notice that you wear it, but it will give a nice glow to your face that is very pretty (thank you Kandee Johnson...) 

A touch of lipgloss or red lipstick et voilà! Ready to go. 

It looks like a lot of stuff on my face, but I use such an extremely small amount of each product that the result stays natural, but much better than my natural face!
Ok, it is an investment of time and money (thought it really takes me only 5 minutes to do that, 10 minutes if I really do my eyes) but it is worth it. People will look at you differently, they won't feel sorry for you and your sleepless face when they see you. I am serious, if you make a bit of an effort to look nice, people will be nicer to you, I strongly believe that. Every woman, everybody can look beautiful, you just have to put your face and your body in value, find what's right for you. Use make-up not like a mask to desguise your true face, but more like you would buy flowers to cheer up your room, or wear nice high heeled shoes to make your regular jeans more "chic", or tie up your hair in a nice way to hide the fact that you need a fresh hair cut... Just like a smile on your face, make-up can light up your features, and make you look happier. In this case I don't mind cheating a little...

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