Friday, April 1, 2011

baby's room decoration

Ahhh... if I were rich and if I had more time for this kind of shopping, I would probably decorate my baby's room with things like:

I just love the sea horses on the back.
This is from Petit Pan, a brand that I love.

This is from Moulin Roty.
They make great vintage-like toys.

Or why not go a little bit more crazy and get my baby one of those:

They are so funny, I love them. And the fur seems so soft!!! It must be real sheep fur if you consider the price...

Or what about a pretty pigeon light?

Designed by Ed Carpenter.

And a cool orange chair to go with it...

Designed by Ron Arad.

And little vintage toys too...

... The funniest part is that, so far, my baby hasn't been in his bedroom more than 10 minutes, like I said, babies usually much prefer their parents' bed and bedroom (read more about that in "A few things you need to know about babies")... Also, I like that I am looking at rocking horses when he can't even sit down on his own!! But it's fun to go window shopping on the Internet and get inspired...

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