Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Making lists

If you want to laugh, smile and learn more about French people and France from an American point of view, go visit this blog:

She is one of my nice followers and it's a real pleasure to read her blog. 

French Cannes Cannes, I love your sense of humor and, just like you, I have a tendancy to make lists, they kind of took over my kitchen, side of the bed, purse, shopping bag, desk at home, desk at the office... Lord how can I get away from those lists chasing me wherever I go?!

My list of the day:
- Go to the police to make new identity cards for me and my daughter (a lot of fun in perspective...)
- Be on time for my daughter's oriental danse class (pray that the bus is on its way...)
- Find something to do during the oriental danse class which is quite long when you've got nothing to do and too short to really do anything.
- Shop for food and carry that stuff back home (again, pray that the bus is on its way because you don't want to walk with all those bags and a baby)
- Go back home to get some cleaning done in the house (that's the funniest part of the day)
- Check the homework (no sorry, that's the funniest part)
- Start dinner.
- Pray that tonight my little boy will decide to not wake up every other hour like he's been doing for several nights.
- Fall dead asleep.

Again, racing against the clock...

No, no, this is not my watch either... But I'll order it for Christmas next year, along with the bed and the bed room (see my post from yesterday)... Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer...

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