Wednesday, February 9, 2011

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Yesterday I decided to created yet another blog, in French this time. Another window to my life, in which I will talk about decoration, jewels, fashion, daily life and reflexions, food, motherhood, journeys... For those who don't read French, I hope that maybe it will give you a motivation to start learning. As a former French teacher for foreigners, I can tell you one thing: French is hard to learn, but it is a BEAUTIFUL language, and it opens up to a very deep and unique culture.... And if you don't have time to learn it, or if you just don't feel like it, you can always visit my blog and if there are things that interest you there, don't hesitate to ask me to post it in English on this blog.

my blog in French:

(first french lesson, the name of my blog means "Anabelle's garden"...)

you can also go and visit my blog about the jewels that I make (still under construction... I have much more jewels to show but had so little time these past months...) I will continue to make jewels, but with the baby coming, I had less time to go shopping for materials. If you like anything, just write me, I sell them with free shipping anywhere in the world!!! For more details and informations, just write a comment!

my blog:

As you can see, I could have been a gardener!!! But I like this idea of privacy and life being a garden. We all have ours, we all plant different seeds, grow different trees, water and love different flowers. Some gardens are very nitty, some are messy, some are like Versailles, some are like abandonned gardens with flowers growing from everywhere... Some have a lot of shades and others have a leading color...

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