Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Creations and inspiration...

There are so many things I want to make for my baby. I wanted to repaint his room, but I feel too tired to even try to choose a color for the walls... Maybe later. Still, I did paint his bed and made a little bird mobile. It is easy to make, all you need is patience and pieces of fabric!!! I still have to decorate the room a little bit more, even if I like the idea of waiting to meet him before I give a particular feeling to his room. Anyway, in the beginning, he will spend all his time in our bedroom!!!

I chose to use soft colors and vintage African fabric,
but you can use anything you like.

What is really cute, is that the mobile slowly rotates constantly.
No music, no plastic, just a soft vision for baby to dream...

I found this bird mobile through a French website:
Then there, I followed the link of the blog where I found all the instructions needed to create this mobile:
There, you just have to go to "Bird Mobile", then on the right side of the screen, go to "bird pattern", you will find a document that you can print where you have the pattern and all the instructions to make your little birds. 

I made my birds two different sizes: two big ones and four smaller. I just reduced the pattern on my printer. 
I intend to make baby toys with those birds: you just make a bird and add a little bell inside and you can entertain your new born baby or make little gifts for babies of friends or family. You can also use any other pattern that you make yourself (if you can draw...) like a car, a cat, a plane, or my favorite these days: a owl.

Some funny ideas that I have found on the Internet:

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