Friday, February 18, 2011

My funny Valentine...

My funny baby Valentine is still growing in me, but I think he will soon be born...

I have been looking for some inspiration to decorate his room and here is what I found on this website

I love vintage toys or vintage looking toys,
and the orange color inspires me these days.
I think I am going to add a touch of orange in our baby's room.

This is a cushion, I think it is so cool! They have them with many other animals.

These are rabbits by "Happy-horse", yesterday I bought a musical one for the baby.
I love them: they look a little crazy and they are so soft.

I would love to make a small sandbox like this one
for the kids to play in the summer, on our balcony.

This cat is so funny, to be found at Habitat store.

For Valentine's day, I made brownies in shape of hearts for my man and my daughter: they loved them!!! I had just a bite because of my pregnancy diabete (arrhh I wish I could eat a dozen of brownies with a ton of frosting on top... but no one knows...). I am just happy my loved ones liked my brownies.

For my man...

The brownies that my daughter helped decorate,
and a tiny little candy heart that she made at her friend's house...
For me, there is nothing like cooking for the ones I love. Cooking is like art, or like my man says "it is like jazz music". I love creating and travelling in my kitchen. I have neglected this art because of my diet, but as soon as I can cook the way I like again, I will.
I have so many recipes from around the world: recipes from Spain, Romania, France (of course, but I don't cook French so much...), America, Africa, India, China, Japan, Korea... I just love tasting different things and I am happy to say that my daughter loves all these foods. I always feel a little sad when I see kids who only like the "normal food" because at home they haven't been used to eat various things. Salt is great, but ginder, soysauce, hot pepper, cinnamon, and all the other spices are so inspiring to me. I hope I can pass that down to my daughter, the pleasure of cooking and again, travelling at home...

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