Sunday, January 16, 2011

Being pregnant in France

In France, the average woman has her first child around 30. A lot of women have their baby without being married. Here in France we don't necessarily get married. For a lot of us, just living together with our man represents the same engagment as marriage. But a lot of people do get married... Some will marry after their child is born, some never will, some will and get divorced afterwards! Life is so unpredictable!!!

Here, a large majority of women work when being pregnant and after their baby is born. We stop working 6 to 8 weeks before the due date. After the baby is born, we have 10 weeks of maternity leave, but a lot of women prolong their time off work by taking vacations, or a postnatal sick leave, or a parental child-rearing leave.

As for me, the due date is the 2nd of March and I should go back to work on the 10th of May.  But I hope I can stay longer with my baby.
For my first child, my daugther, I had stopped working. I was totally broke but happy to be able to stay at home with her and watch her grow everyday... 

Today in Paris it felt like Springtime was coming. There's been a bright sun all day, it was beautiful.

While my man was still at his shooting, I put the baby bed up. It was very easy because it is a very basic bed. Maybe I will paint it. I like customizing things. While I was doing that, my daughter and her cousin were playing "Sephora" in the living room, with some old makeup that I found. I really don't know why I didn't throw this stuff away because most of it I never use, but when I saw how much they were having fun, I thought I should keep it for them!

The beauty shop...

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