Saturday, January 22, 2011

At the fashion fair "Salon du prêt-à-porter"

Today I went to the "Salon du prêt-à-porter" which takes place every year in Paris. I usually don't like going to fairs because it puts me to sleep: all those people, those huge alleys and this kind of noisy, buzzy and ananymous atmosphere... But today it was fun, I got to see things that I liked, like jewells and clothes that were quiet interesting. And also my jewells on a BIG poster, I was sooo happy and proud!!! 

I still fell asleep for a few minutes - but I mean, really asleep -, sitting on a white cream leather couch that happened to match exactly with my bag!

Back home...

But it is funny how, there, I felt more like a huge belly walking through the stands. That's all people seemed to notice about me and each time someone talked to me, it was to say something about the baby I am carrying. "It looks like it's going to pop out" or "When is it due?... Oh wow!" or "Is it a boy or a girl?" or "It's funny because you look so tiny and your belly is so round"... Yes, I know, my belly is - or at least looks - ENORMOUS, like I swallowed a big baloon like my mother once said. I smiled and laughed about it with people today. But now that I am alone, I have to admit that, as much as I love being pregnant, I will be glad to have my non-pregnant body back. I feel like wearing higher heels and nice tops, and be the woman I was before I got pregnant. 

Am I that big?.... Yes, maybe...

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