Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today — especially — I am a very proud maman. My daughter is going to collège (junior high school). I look at her and I think she's just amazing. She's fun and witty and pretty and curious, and she's got a lot of personality.

I recently got her a portable phone. To the recurent question "Maman, when will I have a cell phone?", I've been answering for years "You'll have one when you go to junior high" and, well... this is now. (To be honest, I got her one mainly because I feel more secure to know she can call if needed.) Of course, she spent her time sending and receiving textos yesterday and this morning! Oh la la, it's just a start! 

I've noticed that lately, I've spent a lot of time with her. Shopping for school and new clothes, baking cookies, chatting in her room. I want to enjoy this moment as much as I can. I feel like I am holding on to something that will have to change, no matter what, because she is growing and that's a good thing. 

But for the moment, she is still my little (almost big) girl, and I know this is going to be an important year, so I'm glad I can be present for her.

I've looked at the other mothers in front of the school this morning. You could see they all had made an effort to look a little special today. I guess we want our kids to be proud of us, too. I'm thinking when Swann will go to junior hight school, I will be ten years older, and I will have to have a very good anti-aging cream! So far I'm doing pretty well and people still call me mademoiselle most of the time, so I think I'll be fine...

Ok, why am I talking about anti-aging cream anyway? Uhh... I guess this is the first-day-in-junior-high-for-my-daughter  effect...

Happy first day of school for your kids too!

Florina, je t'aime ♥♥♥


Round Circles said...

Oh la la! le cap à passser...Le portable,le collège...c'est une vraie ado ta petite et grande fille!
Bonne rentrée à elle et à toi aussi

Round Circles said...

Ta fille a t elle retrouvé des copines,des copains?sont ils/elles dans la même classe?
Et le rythme(changer de profs et de salle à chaque heure),elle suit?


Anabelle said...

Elle n'a pas ses copines dans sa classe mais elles sont dans le même collège, elles se retrouvent à la récrée et après les cours. Pour l'instant, même si c'est un peu la course entre deux cours, ça va. Elle avait tendance à vite s'ennuyer en classe au primaire alors changer de profs toutes les heures lui conviendra sûrement!
En tout cas, c'est sûr, c'est un vrai changement le collège, et à bien des niveaux ;)
J'espère que tout va bien pour les tiens! Ils sont contents de leur première semaine?
Bise et bon weekend!

Alexis said...

I hope Florina is getting on ok and liking her new school. Coco started this week - it's been a breeze (for her) and emotional (for me).

Jo said...

This is adorable! I hope she is liking school!