Monday, July 30, 2012


Hello there!

I've noticed yesterday that I hadn't posted anything for more than a month. Wow. Time flies.
I could say that I've been working and with the kids on holidays and all, it was not easy to find time for myself. Which is true. But I should also say that I needed time off, was wondering if I should continue this blog or just slowly drift away and disapear from the blog world.

The thing is, it takes time to write a blog. And also, lately I haven't had anything that I wanted to share, I felt more like living life and not keeping it on this blog. 
And then yesterday, I started taking pictures with my feet on them, and I thought "I'll post that one". And that one. And that one. Am I back to the blog? It looks like I am.
And then today I have a message from my blog friend Alexis, and I want to know about Coco and Henry, and I wonder how Nora is, and what FCC have been doing lately. And what about Kerry and her lovely finds on the Internet? And Anna's beautiful interiors.
I missed that!

Oh, and Swann has started saying words that we can understand! So far he was speaking his own little language that sounds more like an Indian language. It is sooooooo (read a hundred O's) cute! Like "asi" for "merci", "sosu" for "chaussures" (shoes), "nan" for "non"/"no". He says "daddi" with a French kind of "i", and "nana" or "Oïna" for Florina. I think with "no" and "thank you" and his pretty smile, the world is his now. I love that he can start expressing himself much better, with words but also with gestures, how he takes our hands to take us where he wants to go, or brings us our shoes when he wants to go out. Also, he can say goodbye in both French and English, which is absolutely adorable.

And my girl, she is becoming such a big girl!  She's into the show "Shake it up" now and could spend the day in front of Disney Channel, which, unfortunately for her, we don't allow. She loves wearing bright colors. She hates salad and could easily live without eating fruits and vegetable (expect for berries and artichokes), but she cares about the environment and she loves exotic food. Yes sometimes/often she speaks her mind more than she should, but you should have seen her dancing in front of hundreds of people at her dance show, she was not scared at all, she loved it and she was splendid!

Well... I missed you and I hope you are all doing great ♥♥♥


Anonymous said...

tu viens quand tu veux, c'est le tien ce blog, tu en fais ce que tu veux ;)

KERRY said...

Yay, noce to see you back here - I always look forward to reading your posts and have missed you! Lovely to hear about Swann’s vocabulary - such precious times! my daughter did a dance show the other week too - proud mamas eh?! x

Anabelle said...

Mais oui, Emilie, tu as raison ;)

Hello Kerry! Proud mamas indeed ^^

Alexis said...

Hello again! Nice to hear your news! Henry is talking a lot too, so so cute, I do love this age. When he says Henry he does it with a bit of a french accent I think!!

Round Circles said...

Je serais toujours ravie de te lire...tous les jours toutes les semaines ou tout les mois,peut importe la fréquence!C'est toi qui gère...Bises et bravo d'avoir osé monter sur la grande roue.Je pense que je pourrais faire ça.Par contre je ne met pas les pieds dans un manège à sensation,c'est au dessus de mes forces.

Anabelle said...

Merci pour tes mots Nora. Comme toi, pour les manèges à sensation, c'est sans moi!!!
Bise et bon week-end.

French Cannes Cannes said...

You just wrote exactly how I've been feeling lately! When you have a blog, you tend to try and capture all the moments instead of fully living them and enjoying them along the way. It's not always so healthy...I think that finding blog balance is key. I'm working on it too! to see that you are back, however frequently or infrequently it may be. I'm in the same boat. (So cute about S and his new little bilingual self!) xx