Monday, June 25, 2012

A new chapter

This morning I went to enrol my daughter in her future new school, the junior high school (or secondary school, or as we say in France "collège"). 
In less than two weeks, school is going to end and it's going to be the end of primary school for her. 

When I left the office, it was the break (my God, the bell rang SO loud, I almost had a heart attack) and all the kids where going out of class, and they looked so big compared to her. 
I went back home with tears in my throat. I know this is very silly. She's growing. It's a new chapter that she is going to write, and today it makes me feel very nostalgic. 
I know it's going to be great. I know it's going to be exciting and challenging. I know.
But today, I just feel like I felt when she started pre-school, years and years ago. My heart is happy and proud, but also heavy, and a little worried.


Emilie said...

crois en ma petite expérience, ce sont encore des bébés au collège, tu as de belles années devant toi :)

Anabelle said...

Tu as sûrement raison Emilie ;)

un courant d'air dans la maison said...

je me suis promis de pas déprimer en cette fin d'année scolaire et ce début de nouveau cycle (CP)... mais j'ai pas pu m'empecher hier en l'inscrivant au cp de me dire comme toi, "non mais ils sont trop grands ces enfants dans la cour, le mien il est encore petit.."... c'est un cap à passer, allons de l'avant... ;-)

Round Circles said...

Je comprends ce sentiment:on aurait encore envie de leur tenir la main,de les protéger encore un peu....mais ils grandissent nos loulous et...on vieillit!C'est dans l'ordre des choses.
Plein de bises ma belle

Round Circles said...

Des bises en passant par là!!!Es tu en vacances?

Alexis said...

Hello there (waves) been missing your posts... you know Coco starts school in Sept and I'm DREADING it. I hope you get back to blogging soon - that is, if you want to!?